May 24-25

smart building forum / Kyiv

Restoration of the infrastructure of Ukraine!

The International Smart Building Forum will be held for the sixth time and this year it will be devoted not only of  development of technologies in cities, but also to the restoration of Ukraine's infrastructure, which suffered significant damage from the war.
The location of the Forum this year is also iconic and is located in the very heart of Kyiv on European Square - the National Center "Ukrainian House".

This is the only platform in Ukraine on the topic of Smart City, which unites startups, small local companies, as well as well-known global brands and companies of the smart technology market.

This is the sixth Forum that will be held in Ukraine and will gather everyone: from consumers to technical directors of large companies, from developers to representatives of condominiums and end users, from developers  to representatives of municipalities.

Free entry to the exhibition area for all guests (with pre registration) and free entry to the business program of the Forum for all non-commercial organizations

Co-organizer of the forum: EGIS in Ukraine

Egis is an international engineering and design firm specializing in infrastructure consulting and construction supervision. Globally, Egis is active and present in over 120 countries (a notable exception being russia since 2014). The company's main activities include civil engineering, road, and bridge construction; water supply and drainage; urban transport; ports; rail; energy efficiency, and environmental management. Today, Egis is involved in the implementation of many projects for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction, building back better, stronger, and more resilient. Using European standards and local experience we are working to create an intelligent and sustainable future for communities in Ukraine.


Smart city

Smart technologies are not something from the world of fiction. The mass of implemented projects, existing developments and startups around the world prove this every day. Our goal is to implement such projects in Ukraine.

Building and recontsruction

The war brought a lot of destruction to our territory, population migration, and now we have to develop the Marshal's plan for the restoration of infrastructure facilities, houses and the construction of new housing.


Ecology is one of the most important factors of the country's development. Currently, many areas need intervention and clear actions to restore and support areas and certain changes in approaches.

Energy efficiency

Power outages in cities over the past year clearly showed how important energy saving and energy independence, heating and green energy projects are.

Smart Home

Each of us wants to live in a modern and technological house, where processes will be automated, and a single service will provide an opportunity to monitor everything related to our home.

Internet of Things

Many devices, united into a single entity through a global network, exchange data between themselves and servers and create a digital picture of the world without human activity. This is the future, which is already near.


The automated system allows you to organize centralized management, control and diagnostics of all engineering systems due to the use of IT technologies and their integration into a single infrastructure. 


The latest technologies make it possible to create a modern intelligent defense and security system, and the urgency of implementing security projects after the start of the war should now be in the first place.

Audio/Video technologies

With instaleted Central Management, you can connect hundreds of gadgets and equipment, monitor their status and manage modern equipment that establishes a reliable connection between devices.





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Smart building forum

National Center "Ukrainian House"

St. Khreshchatyk, 2, Kyiv, Ukraine


[email protected]

24.05.2023: 10:00-18:00, 25.05.2023: 10:00-17:00


The accommodation partner is the "Dnipro" hotel, located 100 meters from the location. Special accommodation conditions are provided for all participants of the "Smart Building" Forum.

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